Dog Hotel

Additionally, we also have standard dog hotel as one of interesting options for all of dog lovers. Here, we are not only providing rooms for your dogs but we are providing our spirit to serve, to make your dogs feel home away from home during the stay. So, you do not have to be worry while you are away. Just rely on us, we can guarantee that your dogs will not be abandon in a lonely cage. Here, we regularly walk doggie guests out 3 times a day to reduce their stress from thinking of home and beloved owners.


Our dog hotel is providing 3 types of accommodation for your selection :


Standard room : Each doggie guest will have their own area in the individual clean cage which located in large and airy realty with mosquito protection.



V.I.D. Room : V.I.D. rooms are decorated as resort style. Each room has it own mosquito protection and fan, with wider view which your beloved dogs are able to see things around and feel more relax while staying here.



Super V.I.D.  Room : The Super V.I.D. rooms are decorated as resort style with air conditioning for dogs that not accustomed to hot weather.  Have clear glass door , make dogs feel comfortable.


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