Dog Pool

Dog Swimming Pool ***New Service***

For continuous happiness to all dog and dog lover, we just launch our new service, Dog Swimming Pool, with comfortable size of 6×14 meters and salt water system which friendly to all dog’s skin. Dogs and dog lovers can spend quality time together with this healthy activity.  Let see some pictures  below.

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Rule and regulations for dog swimming pool

  • Phuket Dog Pool is a saltwater swimming pool, size 6×14 meters.
  • Opening hours are from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM daily.
  • Only fully vaccinated dogs can use the pool. Vaccination certificate must be presented before registration.
  • No dogs with skin problems, ticks or communicable diseases are to use the swimming pool.
  • Any existing health problems must be informed to swimming pool staff before a dog uses the service.
  • Dog owners must make sure their dog has been to the toilet before swimming. If a dog dirties the swimming pool, the offending dog’s owner must pay for water cleaning at the cost of THB 4,000.
  • Aggressive dogs must be always kept on a leash.
  • A life jacket is provided complimentary for dogs. In case it is broken or damaged while in use, the dog’s owner must pay for the repairs.
  • A swimming coach is available for dogs that need classes.
  • A dog’s owner can swim with dogs for no extra fee.
  • The swimming fee is based on the size and breed of each dog, and includes showering and grooming. The swimming fee starts from THB 300 up to THB 650.
  • The maximum swimming time for each dog is one hour.
  • All swimming packages are non-refundable and non-changeable.
  • Please pick up dogs within 2 hours after swimming, if after 2 hours, the extra charge will be added at THB 100-200 based on the size and breed of each dog. And if pick up dogs after 06:00 PM, the dog hotel charge will be added.

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