Dog Training Courses

“Phuket Dog School & Hotel” is established and widely well knows among dog lovers which are the result of professional successful training of over a thousand pupils with international training languages such as Thai, English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese for instance.

Training Principle of Phuket Dog School & Hotel

Phuket International Dog School aims to organize dogs behaviour and develop dogs value as prioritize stands for training principle.

Training Method of Phuket Dog School & Hotel

We focus on dog’s feeling and want them to have fun and enjoy while being trained. As we believe that dogs can do better when they like to do and their happiness will lead us to the successful training.  All dogs can be trained, no matter which breed or how old they are. Age is not a problem for training. We just need to only look into their natures, characters, and physical limitations for proper training. Here, we are willing to adjust the un-well behaviours of your dogs.  Not only training dogs, we are also happy to give our suggestions to dog lovers if needed.  Here are details of dog training courses;

1. Full Basic Obedience Training Course

This course is beneficial for smooth communication with your dog in your daily life. The training commands are including walk, run, stop, come, heel, sit, stand, down, sleep, sit and stay, stand and stay, down and stay, sleep and stay, shake hands, no, good boy or good girl, jump (to get on a car or truck), as well as playing, running and jumping over the training equipments in the training yard. Additionally, your beloved dogs will be able to act according to the commands; even they are on leash or without leash as well as acknowledging the commands from front and side,   short and long distance.

• Young dogs (6-18 months old) ; 3 months
• Adult dogs (above 18 months old); 4  months

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2.Advance Obedience Training Course

The advance obedience training course is the higher step for your dog ability development from the basic training course. This training will help out dogs and dog’s owners to find the accomplishment of your beloved dogs, to polish up a normal star to become “Super Star”. The training commands are including say hello with 2 hands, carry a basket or some other things, low crawling, zigzag walk, backward walk, rolling, hand loop jump, crawl back, zigzag crawl and walk with 2 legs for instance. You will love your dog even more when you maximize their talents.

Duration :
• Young dogs (6-18 months old) ; 5 months
• Adult dogs (above 18 months old); 6  months

Remark : include basic obedience command already

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3. Protection Training Course

The protection training course is optimal for dog lovers who would like to have a loyal guard dog to fend you and your asset from bad people. To be trained on this session, dogs need to be strong enough; we would recommend the dog in working group only such as German shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, American Pit Bull, and Malinois for instance. Being a good guard dog, dog needs to have strong and steady heart with high drive. Before training in Protection session, all dog need to be trained on basic obedience training first; therefore during the basic obedience training, trainers will test dog’s energy and heart to see if they are ready for the security training. Not all of dogs can be trained in this session.

The training commands are including attack, stop attack, call back, wait and stay, as well as the commands to order dogs to automatic attack an ambuscader when owners is ambushed.This training course also trains dogs to get use to the attack situation, so they are not afraid of gunshot. All of guard dogs will be trained not to accept foods from the feeding of strangers to avoid themselves from risk as well.

Training period:

  • 5-6  months or more (depending dog’s talents and nature)

Remark:  includebasic obedience command already

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4. Short Training Course

The short training course is formed specially for dog’s owners who do not want to leave their beloved dogs of our their sight too long, so this course is suitable for dogs and dog’s owners who want to fix only some certain parts.

4.1 On leash Obedience

The on leash obedience training is shorten from the full basic obedience course. Dog’s owner is able to use the basic commands to communicate with dogs but only when they are on leash.

Duration :  1 month

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4.2 Puppy Training

This training is only available for puppies, not over than 5 months which aims to train the lovely puppies to be in order, well behave and understand who to live with people family. Puppies will be introduced to the social life and rules, so they can get along well with people, environment and other dogs. Also, in this course, puppies will be educated for proper excretion as well.

Duration :  1 month

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