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Sumo in Hite beer!!!

Just couple months ago, I got a great opportunity to take Sumo, my handsome American Pitbull Terrier to join the Korean beer advertisement named, Hite Beer. Here is the advertisement with Sumo’s performed.
Actually, I am a bit jealous Sumo as the presenter that Sumo played with, is very lovely and sexy Korean Super Star. Thanks to Hite Beer for these great experiences and unforgettable moments.




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Hide & seek with pitbull

Look back  when we were young, most of us has ever enjoyed playing “Hide and Seek” game. Not only human being like us who like to play it, dogs also like it as well. Auzy, Smart American Pitbull Terrier, is the good example as he is one of the hide and seek addicted dogs.
He really like and enjoy playing “hide and seek”. See how good he is for seeking…check it out!

Fun guaranteed by PIDS



Bring it to me !

Special clip “Bring it to me” , starred by Riffle, Strong American Pit Bull, hiking up over 3.5 metres rubber wall, just to get a coconut, his favoured fruit and he does a good work on this, even monkey also gives compliment on his works, check it out…Fun guaranteed by PIDS