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Hide & seek with pitbull

Look back  when we were young, most of us has ever enjoyed playing “Hide and Seek” game. Not only human being like us who like to play it, dogs also like it as well. Auzy, Smart American Pitbull Terrier, is the good example as he is one of the hide and seek addicted dogs.
He really like and enjoy playing “hide and seek”. See how good he is for seeking…check it out!

Fun guaranteed by PIDS



Trained pitbull need a new home

Hello, Phuket Dog School ‘s news today is about Cheatar ; the young American Pitbull Terrier need a new home because the old owner have personal problem. So we temporarily take care and do the Basic training, and she does it well in training. Cheatar is about 10 months old, female pitbull with the good character and temperament.  You can watch  her talent in this clip below  and you guys the dog lover who interesting in her please call us  081-5376965 (Wichai)  or 081-9561564 (Ae), thank you.




Dog hero

Hello ,I  invite you to watch this clip : ” dog  hero”. Lucifer is the Blue American Pit Bull Terrier   help the unfortunate girl from the lecherous bandit. Check it out ,   fun guaranteed by PIDS.

Note :  Sorry, the picture not clear. Because it is an old clip.



Bring it to me !

Special clip “Bring it to me” , starred by Riffle, Strong American Pit Bull, hiking up over 3.5 metres rubber wall, just to get a coconut, his favoured fruit and he does a good work on this, even monkey also gives compliment on his works, check it out…Fun guaranteed by PIDS


Facilities and Infrastructure

With more than 7 rais (over 11,200 square metres) land, here we provide full facilities and infrastructures for all dog and dog lovers needs, such as;

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Background of Phuket Dog School & Hotel


Phuket International Dog School was built up by two hands and one heart of a man named, Wichai Chidchio, who loves dogs as part of his life, developing to a standard dog kennel under the name of “Theeraluck Kennel”. Mr. Wichai Chidchio kept gaining experiences in dogs feeding, breeding and observing dog’s heart which related to their behaviours and characters until he fully understands dog’s behaviours and decided to build up the first dog standard school in Phuket in 2000, under the name of Phuket International Dog School (PIDS.)

10 Training Regulations for Dog Trainers of Phuket International Dog School Training (PIDS.)

1. Love and mercy to your students as a good teacher is the most importance
2. Always taking care of your students
3. Continue gaining related knowledge and experiences
4. Be diligent teachers
5. Never feel wroth when your students do something wrong
6. Keep adjusting and developing, even from mistakes
7. Be positive and creative
8. Never stop or stuck in any inaccuracy, keep moving and doing better
9. Be a good leader to lead your students to right or wrong
10. Gently indoctrinate the training knowledge and experience into your student’s heart

* All of above regulations would be more efficiency, if we tend to do them from our heart and the successfulness is ours.